Software installation

Software packages for YARR and BDAQ are substantially different with no common ground. Please follow the installation instructions for each of the system separately, depending on the system at hand.

YARR-based system

Use the tagged version v1.1.0 (master) and follow the instructions on software installation and kernel driver installation.

To enjoy supplementary plotting scripts, install ROOT6 on your CentOS7 PC sudo yum install root. The scripts have to be compiled separately as shown here. Now when you are back to this page, it is assumed that you managed to produce some graphs from analog/digital scans and also familiarised yourself to some degree with the scanConsole.

BDAQ-based system

Use the dedicated travelling_module branch and follow instructions here.

Additional instructions: (to be updated)

Make sure you have a valid and clean Python 3.7 environment. The recommended method is to install conda. Install dependencies using conda:

    $ conda install numpy bitarray pyyaml scipy numba pytables matplotlib tqdm pyzmq blosc psutil coloredlogs

Go to a directory of your choice and clone the BDAQ53 repository using git:

    $ git clone
    $ cd bdaq53
    $ git checkout travelling_module
    $ python develop